I don’t think anyone inquires into the behavior of these border officers.
Rachel Nabors

Indeed no. Somewhat related, I just had an experience with CATSA, who inspected a checked bag by ripping a zipper clean off it, rather than untying a leather strap that was not tied in a knot. They helpfully left a “you were inspected” card in which they unilaterally absolve themselves of responsibility for damages sustained while needing to enter a locked bag by force (this bag was not locked), and with presumably not a hint of irony, thanking me for my understanding and cooperation.


I drafted a complaint through their web site and then thought better of it, because I don’t want to end up on some list, and even if there is no list to end up on, the complaint would likely fall on deaf ears, anyway. The people who inspect the bags don’t get paid enough to care.

CATSA contacted me (unsolicited) on Twitter and invited me to file a complaint. I told them that I would, if I thought it would do any good, and that I simply didn’t trust them. No reply. None would likely help. The system is broken. Fix it, and then get back to me.

The individual who tweeted at me is probably a very nice person who genuinely wants to help and none of that matters.

Accordingly, I have feel pressure to stop relying on air travel for a livelihood. That seems like a good idea, anyway. A sad idea, but a sensible one.

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