Synthetic Seinfeld Script

The following was generated by a python NLP script, and edited by me for a couple of minutes:

kramer: the way who wants it is a lie george is pretty for the wizard tip

helen: im right there is very nice seedling a wizard in my little bit

kramer: about that, why not you dont know ive given it to kramer

george: no occasionally what about harrison

kramer: no jerry what does you think

george: oh you can do i have horses too mr money into monks oh well i guess he said a rooster ran you know about to be up in the hamptons and i get to go in on it to do this woman hmm her put his hand up on a wizard a wizard of your hands is my friend

elaine : can i interest lloyd shes going to be here he just gonna heat a wizard computer you can make your back into monks

woman: i thought i get to do what is with my mother sitting so cool and nice ? gonna move back to bed. what do i know ive gained up

a salesman: well this is a big production on i know i dont get jerry coffee i dont even

george: what about the mail and george i think a wizard pleasures me and its got lots of others

kramer : well its hot in jerrys fridge so you get here

elaine : he just hair in the car for a few

jerry: yeah sure the check will be for a while at this location
kramer has developed a little place, he doesnt matter if hes up a big advisor
to mayor salesman rick looking well that im sorry

george: i’m got it so the machine readily starts freaking a good bit im up