Corpus Christi, Year B, 6/7/15: Focus & Function

John 6:51–59

Focus: Christ is the true and living bread which gives eternal life the world, and we abide with him when we consume his body and blood.

Function: For people to believe and experience that they are united with Christ when they participate in Holy Communion.

  1. In this post-Easter and Ascension season, how do we experience Christ’s presence with us, his work in the world, etc.? At table sharing food is one of the most intimate.
  2. Jesus’s knowledge and experience of everyday life and work that spoke the deepest truths. I get the feeling that Jesus knew something about the kitchen, or at least the table.
  3. Controversies over the meaning of this text. And the meaning of Eucharist. This is an institution text.
  4. Founding of the feast of corpus christi (use Aquinas’s hymn here).
  5. Deepest meaning of the text of union/interrelationship with Christ explained by “living bread.” Explore meaning of “eternal life.” Not dependent on the method of union in the Blessed Sacrament. But that this is a clear expression and realization of Christ’s presence, which is possible by many other means, but most truly in this Sacrament.
  6. Conclude with Aquinas’s hymn.
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