Involuntary memory at work.

Queens’ Snake Oil Salesman

I’ve had a nagging sense that I’ve been overlooking something in my day-to-day life…Proust-like. My “madeleine,” turned out to be the “Access Hollywood tape” trotted out on behalf of our “esteemed” President, and then brought to the fore by my own Combray: years of experience as a Washington County (Maine) school superintendent dealing with many children born into families where abusers held sway. Men or women abusers — it matters not.

A child growing up in a family where abuse is extant, grows up in psychological pain, and is marred for life in one way or another, just like many desperate folk who voted for Trump looking for some reprieve from their desperate circumstances in life.

And yet, here are the actual words of our “esteemed” President — a direct quote in his own words in his own voice: “I moved on her like a bitch. I moved on her…I moved on her, and I failed. I did try and fuck her. But I couldn’t get there…I’ll admit it….She was married.”

Think on it fellow Americans. Can you even believe how many men and women (and many well-educated women at that) voted for this scourge, knowing that this is the kind of man he is, but still hoping against hope to gain assistance from life’s unfortunate circumstances through him, in spite of the obvious fact he was lying through his teeth throughout his sorry campaign?

So then, something that had been gnawing at me, suddenly came into focus, as I watched the travesty-of-justice unfurl through James Comey’s firing. All-of-a-sudden it dawned on me, this is but another iteration of Trump’s assault on womanhood; but this time, his victim is none other than Lady Columbia herself!

Our country is being ravaged by this sick-o-wacko, Queen’s snake oil salesman, while McConnell and Ryan stand by and say/do nothing! This is the very definition of Obstruction of Justice!

My conclusion is that this crook, masquerading as President of the United States, is violating us in broad daylight by firing our FBI Director because he was well on the path to disclosing our president’s nefarious connections to Russia and Putin, and educated people know this to mean that obstruction of justice is the simple definition of his work.

Nero Fiddled while Rome burned. Oops, I’m sorry. I mean McConnell and Ryan dithered while our Constitutional way of life was further imperiled. So much for swearing to uphold our Constitution.

Do you plan on doing anything today about this matter?

I strongly suggest you let Poliquin and Collins know exactly how you feel. (Adjust for your state.) I feel pretty certain that Pingree and King already agree with my analysis. Further, if you are a well-connected Republican, you might even consider actually contacting McConnell and Ryan, but I fear they have irrevocably settled into their own gas-chambers of ideological deniability.

If you do nothing, you truly deserve living with the ultimate consequences of this dangerous man’s Presidency.