Republican Regime Fractured: Greed and Mischief Reign~But Nothing Gets Done

Humpty Trumpty Sat In The Hall~Humpty Trumpty Had A Big Fall.All The King’s Horses, And All The King’s Men~Couldn’t Put Humpty Trumpty Together Again!

What just happened in our House of Representatives on 24 March 2017? The long-laid plans for the deconstruction of The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare by the Republicans were brought to a screeching halt by The Power of the People. Just think of that! The sinister machinations of deeply self-serving billionaires, top-most of which are Charles and David Koch, failed miserably to repeal our healthcare law.

We now know that in spite of Citizens United, the Supreme Court sanctioned political money machine for the right wing American oligarchs, will not necessarily produce an alternative political reality in The United States after all, much to the consternation of ranting Republicans.

The Power of the People won the day! And, The Power of the People will continue to win, day after day, if we work hard at it! Republicans failed miserably to overturn the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, simply because We The People stopped it from happening!

Let’s review Citizens United. Two years ago the Supreme Court got it supremely wrong when it held that corporations had the same rights as people to spend money in elections. Campaign finance laws had previously protected our democracy from corporate, big-money corruption, and had preserved the integrity of our elections. These rules governing the use of money in politics were overturned by this blatant right-wing power grab made legal by this disastrous Supreme Court decision.

Likewise, let’s take a quick look at the Koch Brothers who are stirring up so much mischief for poor and working-class Americans. (They’re just the prime example though of many such billionaire ideologues trying to remake America according to their warped, selfish ways of thinking.)

The Kochs spend scandalous amounts of money trying to implement their ideological obsessions . What do these Kochs, larger-than-life American Power-Brokers, actually stand for, and why is it so significant that we absolutely defeated them in the House of Representatives the other day? The Koch brothers own 84% of the second-largest privately held company in the United States: The Koch Industries.

What do the Koch companies do, and why is it significant that they are working so hard to “buy influence” in our political system?

Koch companies are involved in businesses such as the manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fiber, intermediates and polymers, minerals, fertilizers, pulp and paper, chemical technology equipment, ranching, finance, commodities trading, and other ventures and investments. In short, business that pose a very high threat of polluting our environment which is why they are determined to undermine the significance of global warming evidence.

Koch businesses employed 100,000 workers in 2015, with revenues of $ 100 billion dollars. Yes folks: that’s a hundred thousand million dollars, as the British would state it. Certainly a lot of money for two crackpot libertarian anti-social Republicans to have at their disposal for fighting Obamacare, and the Environmental Protection Agency — BUT still they lost! Instead: People Power won!

The Kochs have made significant financial contributions to libertarian and conservative think tanks and campaigns. (A think tank is a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems. In other words a group of paid propagandists who think up the mischief for the Kochs to use in fighting your and my interests.) Koch’s network of groups pledged to spend $889 million from 2009–2016, actively funding and supporting organizations that contribute significantly to Republican candidates, and in particular that lobby against efforts to expand our government’s role in HEALTH CARE and COMBATING EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING.

So my friends, it is with a much lighter heart that I write this week sharing my take on what just happened. I think we have a very workable template for continuing our fight toward neutralizing the Republicans in their unending plans of dark mischief in advancing their quest for greed through their plutocratic power-grab. (A plutocracy is a society ruled or controlled by a small minority of its wealthiest citizens — think Trump and the sordid nest of billionaire shady characters he’s installed in his cabinet to carry our his dark purposes.)

Millions of marching Americans, and hundreds of Indivisible Groups, carrying out more hundreds of Town Meetings have carried the day. We saved The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. And we will continue to win, if we continue to march, to protest, and to demand justice.

Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, white supremacist racists, homophobes, fact-free thinkers and the like, just plain can’t believe we social progressive democrats won the day. But we did! And we will keep on winning. Our good-willed strength will STOP Republican darkness for sure, and the right-wing will definitely not be able to put Humpty Trumpty back together again.

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