Trump Chorale Singers Warming Up

Watch For Coming Performances

Everyone must speak out — Yes, that means you too!

Yep! They’ve started to jump the ship-of-state.

It was just a matter of time. The first ship-jumpers this week are Devin Nunes and Gen. Michael Flynn, but for quite different reasons: one jumped on board while one jumped off~our not very stable ship of state. You may be sure there will be others… and some with excellent singing voices.

Flynn, Trump’s National Security Adviser for 24 days, heard all of the President’s Daily Briefings during that time: the most top secret materials our country has uncovered. (Can you even conceive of sharing a secret with Donald Trump?) But since his abrupt firing, Flynn has been preparing for his political bankruptcy, and now he wants to sing with prosecutorial immunity.

Flynn has been retroactively tidying up his shady life, in preparation for announcing to the country that he is now prepared to tell his story, but he doesn’t want to go to jail for it; hence, prosecutorial immunity will have to be granted in advance of his choral performances.

Flynn very belatedly (probably more than a year late) declared his status as a foreign agent. Of course it’s not illegal to work as a foreign agent; but, it’s illegal not to report it. Certainly Flynn would never have been granted the nation’s highest security clearances, required for receiving the President’s Daily Briefing, if it had been known that he was in fact working as a foreign agent — actually being paid by RT Broadcasting: Russia Today!

Devin Nunes, Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, chose to fall on his sword for Trump this week as he jumped on board our wobbly ship of state.

Nunes concluded that Trump was having some bad days and needed some moral support, and concluded that he was just the guy to provide it! But in so doing, Nunes, betrayed his obligations to the country as Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he is currently responsible for carrying out an investigation on how much and by whom our country was compromised by the Russians in the November election.

Indeed, Nunes chose to take part in what has turned out to be a laughable, if not pathetic, charade engineered by our psychopathic President once again trying to bolster his phony claims that President Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower. So sad.

As they now say in Venezuela about their now deceased, Trump-like President Hugu Chavez: “The truth has become so devalued, that what was once the gold standard of political debate is now a worthless currency.” Trump is seemingly following Chavez’s game-plan as a template for his own dysfunctional administration.

If you and I value the truth, we must demand that our politicians live and breathe real truth — not fake or alternative truth. For Trump voters, fake truth — especially a fake reality filled with fictional enemies, like Barack Obama, or with unfillable promises, like re-opening long-closed factories — is their dream come true. Such outrageous false promises are what got both Trump and Chavez elected, and what we must now overcome at all odds.

Already Congress is beginning to ignore Trump’s hollow threats; and, his staff is terrified of his daily instances of instability and duplicity. We do not have the makings here of a four-year administration. Rather something is almost certainly going to intervene: possibly Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution; or, maybe Articles of Impeachment; or, even possibly Charges for Treason: any one could remove him from office.
As of March 30th Ladbrokes, the London Betting Agency, placed the odds of Trump’s impeachment at 56% . Let me tell you these guys are real pros. They’re pretty good at figuring the odds!