Trump’s Fan Club

A glimpse into Trump’s dark soul:

What do Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock have in common?

They are exemplars of “reactionary white rage,” and all three have been guests of the racist President Trump in our White House.

Collectively they are a window into Trump’s dark soul, and telling indicators of his subliminal prejudices that will surely be worked into policy and operational decision-making by our super-racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, whose whole professional history is wrapped in white supremacist bigotry, and racist judicial activities. May god help the victims of his impending “justice.”

Here are some of the credits to Trump’s preferred “entertainers:”

  • Nugent: called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel,” and called supports of Obama, like me, “pimps, whores, and welfare brats.” He also maintains that the Confederacy should have won the Civil War, which lets you know in no uncertain terms what his views embrace on African Americans and slavery. This man was Trump’s guest in our White House!
  • Kid Rock has defiantly flown the Confederate Flag, and has screamed at black protesters to: “kiss my ass.” This man was Trump’s guest in our White House!
  • Palin has repeatedly attacked President Obama as an “un-American radical who palled around with terrorists.” This woman was Trump’s guest in our White House.

By celebrating these three exemplars of white-trash, bigotry and racism, Trump is giving America the middle-finger salute, and is letting us know in no uncertain terms just what his plans are for “Making America Great Again.”

It’s certainly not an America I’d be proud of, and if you voted for this scourge , I sincerely hope you are beginning to experience buyers’ remorse.

Consider what you’re going to do today to make Love trump Hate!