Anatomy of a Trump Faker

How Geoff Diehl used dirty tricks to position himself for Senate run…

As someone who worked on the Donald Trump Campaign in Massachusetts, as State Assistant Director for Social Media, I thought it was necessary that I broke my silence on things happening in Massachusetts right now over at the MA GOP. Now there were many who volunteered in Massachusetts, who worked their asses off, door-knocked, made hundreds of phone calls and each one of these people deserve immense credit for doing so. But sadly like many in our politics today, some decided to get dirty and use the Trump movement to pad their own popularity. The man I speak about today is Geoff Diehl, the one prancing around as some Trump surrogate and Co-Chairman in Massachusetts, which of course couldn’t be any further from the truth. Here is what happened, feel free to take a look at some photos of the people who actually helped Trump in Massachusetts.

Actual Trump supporters who actually participated in Massachusetts
My speech during the Victory Party (Thought I should include this to back up my credentials)
The actual Chairman and only chairman of the Campaign in Massachusetts Vincent DeVito

Now let’s get this started, as you can see there were many who helped Trump so I wanted to include pictures of them as they deserve praise and recognition. But you want to know whats funny, as someone who claims to be Co-Chair of a campaign, Geoff does a really good job of remaining a ghost. I can say with 100% certainty that he was not Co-Chair of the Trump campaign, yet as you can see below he’s using this to raise funds for his own Senate Campaign.

See the circled sentence on a Campaign brochure Diehl is using.

This infuriates me, especially since I know the truth that he wasn’t the Co-Chairman and I only reported to Vincent DeVito who was the ONLY chairman of the campaign. It is pretty low you would harp onto Trump supporters to pad the pockets of your campaign…after you did nothing to actually help Trump. But this isn’t even the worst thing that Diehl did, what I am about to say now is shocking and proves he is no Trump supporter, but take a quick look at the organization chart of the Campaign in Massachusetts.

Don’t mind the spelling error, it happens in campaigns!

Diehl never thought Donald Trump would win and seeing the amount of emails that Trump had obtained, he had a locksmith break into the Nashua Campaign headquarters and STOLE the 40,000 emails from the Trump database. Diehl is now using this to fill the coffers of his own campaign. This is not only illegal, but a complete and utter DIRTY tactic. Diehl has no intention of beating Elizabeth Warren, he’s using Trump’s movement to pad his own pockets and while doing this he is insulting all the hardworking people who actually worked on the Campaign. Also, when I tired to explain this in a call-in to Howie Carr’s show I was cut off and kicked off the air, why would that happen if what I am saying isn’t true? We as Trump supporters and Conservatives for that matter should never tolerate such corruption. Geoff Diehl should drop out of the race or face the wraith of the movement. You have 48 hours Diehl.