Back in the Saddle,

And Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Tonight I went to the graduation celebration for Cohort 6 — at Saint Anejo’s in the Gulch. Our get-together was sweet with a touch of sadness. Sweet to see so many of my classmates happy about their new jobs, and all of them relieved to have made it through the full program. Yet also sad to realize that this was the last time so many of us will likely be together in this configuration; two will be moving out of state over the next couple of months and all will find other new interests and peers. For those graduates who don’t yet have jobs or job offers, it seems they’re looking forward with a bit of trepidation, now that the intense focus of course assignments has suddenly evaporated, and the uncertainty of job search looms ahead. I know they all have strong skills and will no doubt end up with good jobs; I wish them all the best.

For me, I’m back in the saddle now having switched over to Cohort 7 for the second half of my program, where I can focus on skills for the .NET world. It’s a relief to be back in the strongly-typed world of C#, consistent with much of my prior experience (C, C++, Java), and I’m liking the Visual Studio IDE, which simplifies the development environment — something that I struggled daily with when working on the MEAN stack. True, .NET and C# are not as new or exciting as javascript and node, and I do miss the lyricism of that coding style. Yet I am comforted by the prospect of a strong job market, and more stability (if not also economic security), in the enterprise environment.

Still, I’m very grateful for my node.js and angular experience because they will be valuable assets in the .NET world. I seem to be approaching something of a sweet spot in the job-market, combining those three capabilities in particular, and I’m very glad about that. Have had enough short-term soft-money jobs, interspersed with career-changing periods of unemployment, to really be looking forward to settling into a longer-term day job. I’m also appreciating the more relaxed pace of Cohort 7 instruction, as it’s much easier for me to assimilate the new material, and I’m able to keep up with the class and help other students too.

Counting the weeks now to our own graduation, and trusting that this second half of NSS program, coupled with first half and my volunteer work with Code for Nashville (local non-profit organization) will render me a strong candidate on the job market in April… Onward!

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