5 things to look forward to in a *fingers crossed* solid Angels season

(Halos Heaven)
  1. Another MVP-worthy season form Mike Trout.

Mike Trout is only 25 years old.. 25! We are witnessing the best baseball player in the MLB and possibly of all time. If the Angels have any chance of making a playoff run it will be spearheaded by the guy in CF.

2. An overall healthy season.

It is no question that injury hindered the Angels in 2016. They certainly did not play to their full potential and missed the playoffs because of it. If the Angels, especially their pitchers, can stay healthy then there is a solid chance that they could be competing for a wild card spot in September.

3. A big season from Kole Calhoun.

It could be argued that Kole Calhoun is one of the most underrated players in Major League Baseball. Since 2014, Kole is averaging an OPS of .764 which can be considered above average. He also had an above average 2016 season, according to FanGraphs, with an OBP of .348.

4. A healthy bullpen.

As I mentioned earlier, injuries hindered the Angels in 2016 and the pitching rotation and bullpen felt it the most.

5. New additions to the team.

The Angles have definitely made upgrades since last season: Cameron Maybin in LF, Danny Espinosa at 2B, Martin Maldonado at C, and Ben Revere in the OF. While the Angels did not make a huge blockbuster move these upgrades could certainly help the Angels make a run for the playoffs late in the season.

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