The problems with the legal industry and our plan to fix it.

On Wednesday, we were excited to launch a robot lawyer for 1,000 areas of the law. Lawyers, activists, charities and students reached out with expansion ideas, but it would be impossible to follow up on every single one.

We realized no great work is done alone. Starting today, DoNotPay is opening up so that anyone can create legal bots for free (with no technical knowledge).

Check out our announcement below:

We are starting with the lowest hanging fruit: automating documents where all you have to change are the text variables.

How can I build a bot?

Fill in the form here (backup link) and send it to If you send it before 11.59PM PST on Monday 24th of July, you will receive your link within 24 hours. Please avoid sending anything except the form to this email. Deviations from the instructions will not be processed, since the creation process is automated.

Why would I create a legal bot?

You can use your bot to save money within your business, provide a better experience to clients or improve access to justice. Regardless, you will establish yourself as a leader in legal technology by having a cool bot link to share.

In the final document output and within the questions, you are, within reason, allowed to advertise your organization. Plus, it’s completely free!

Who owns the rights to the document?

You do. However, you give us permission to make a bot for you and send the link.

Is the bot page encrypted?