I want to quit. Right now.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

“Being an artist, being a creative, being an entrepreneur, it’s about fighting with yourself to keep playing the game when it all feels hopeless. It’s about making one more gamble, and every time, setting your sights on a win, instead of leaving the table.”

In the midst of fighting that fight, I paused and decided to clear my mind. Heading out the door, I glanced at my email and opened up the daily Medium. I skimmed through the titles and stopped at yours. “Me too,” I thought. I read through tears, words that we all want to speak and all want to hear, but rarely ever do.

I wanted to quit, and in that moment, just as in every other, the universe stepped in. Sometimes I miss it- I close my eyes, plug my ears, run and hide. But more often, with awareness, the message is recieved. This time, through your vulnerable words of fear, heartache, exhaustion and pain…aknowledeged and transcended by courage, creative, faith and purpose. Spoken truth that connects our essence, and is met by the collective reverberation, “Keep going. I’ve got your back.” Thank you for that.

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