Ribosomes can you really trust them

If you don’t already know ribosomes are the ones who make the proteins for the cell.

That’s great and all but they are not the best candidates for leader of the cell. You wouldn’t trust construction workers to lead a community, why start now? You should trust the on that hold the community together and supports it, not the ones who build it. They will be to busy building proteins that they would not have time to lead the cell.

Not to mention, they can not even do their own job right half the time. The ribosomes are responsible for several abnormalities and diseases in the cell and organisms such as Diamond -black fan anemia which may resulting in low set ears, webbed feet, and short stature, Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia resulting in short limbs and stature and low white blood cell count, Shwachman- Diamond Syndrome causing fatty bowl movements and low white blood cell count, and more. People with theses diseases suffer from lots of infections and diseases because they do not have enough of a white blood cell count to fight the off. The ribosomes are incompetent and hardly able to do their own function let alone be leader of the entire cell. Are these really the ones you want leading the cell in its entirety.

You probably want someone who does their job right and can actually support the cell. Vote Cytoskeleton for leader of the cell. Support for support!

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