Retrospective and Breaking News

Through the many forms of expressing news through media, there can be good and bad examples. One instance of retrospective news that displays a bad example of media discusses the HCR ManorCare retirement homes. The article discusses how through the past there have been many instances of neglect and bad management of residents. One of these instances describes a man whose dad resided in these homes and was not treated properly. The man explains how he had “bedsores, infections, and he had a couple of falls”. This article explains the numerous instances in which the aides neglected those who lived there and how badly run this retirement organization was. The article explains how HCR ManorCare is now bankrupt and tried to deal with these serious financial problems within the last decade. This major decline in revenue due to the changing economy led to short-staffing as well. One ManorCare employee explains how they would have “just one aide for 60 patients” at some times making it extremely unsafe for residents. This type of reporting can be bad due to the fact that there is constant bashing on the HCR ManorCare. There was no positive feedback about the company and only discussed their poor examples of care for the residents there at the homes. Throughout the entire article, there were multiple examples of how people were mistreated there leading to a negative connotation of the company. The article gives no chance for the workers to give any defense for the company back to article. When previous workers were asked, only the negative parts of their jobs were expressed. This example of bad retrospective media can influence the way people perceive certain topic and subjects.

While the article about the nursing home is a bad example of media, a good example of breaking news comes from the video discussing the escapee from Milwaukee jail. While on work duty, the man somehow escaped custody and ran away. Police were currently looking for the man as he was still running during this interview. The reporter states the facts in which they only know at the time. While watching the news and seeing this come on, I enjoyed the objectiveness of the program in which it described the breakout and how the authorities are handling the situation. This short and brief example of breaking news delivers the important ideas from the video to alert citizens of the situation. This example of good media is a lot more objective than that of article discussing the nursing home situation. The breaking news shows no direct bias except to alert citizens and give the known information of what had occurred. The article, however, delivers a long report of the many people who were mistreated and the situation of the company unlike the breaking news which is short and quick. These two very different examples of good and bad media through breaking news and retrospective can give the viewers different understandings.