For the sake of new

We are all interested in this concept of new, or newness — as explorers, innovators, thinkers, do-ers — the desire is the same: we seek and create new in some form or another. Some would say this is natural human progression (and sometimes to progress it takes looking backwards in history ).

The rate in which we desire newness has changed over the years and now, because of fast paced digital consumption, we crave newness the most. Are we just producing for the sake of producing — to keep up with the seeming demand?

The struggle to define relevancy and meaning often pops into my mind. It cannot just be newness that forms the backbone, otherwise the notion would be shallow and would not resonate or make sense. My mind flicks to a great podcast with some hard hitting words from Jelly Helm … for things to be great they must be interesting, relevant and true.

Next time, in your creation of new, ask yourself: Is it interesting, relevant and true to your brand, insight, company, need, and to the world?

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