The brand is wrong

Hey, theres not enough space for the brand, can we make the brand bigger perhaps make it red? Does the client want the brand on that wall?

We have all heard these statements, sometimes day in and out, and it highlights a common problem. The laypersons understanding of very specific words used in communication, in this case the word Brand.

So you mean “Logo” right?
As soon as designers, marketers, and branders delve into a conversation about all the components of, and what makes up “brand” we automatically tune those people out, because the conversation becomes complex and not quick to process.
As soon as we state the simple, brand is a combination of things not just a logo, we are too vague and non scientific.
Theres a fine balance in communication, but often we don’t need to

What can we do? well let’s call things what they are.

  • A logo is a set of graphic marks that represents an entity,
  • A wordmark is a stylized text
  • A visual identity is a scheme of graphical elements
  • A brand is a perception by a consumer in reaction to a companies presence.

Call it what it is.

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