James Harden with a Samsung Gear VR

Brands are now prepared for next generation of advertising using #VR #AR

VRScout released an article talking about how VR and AR will become a $162 billion market in 4 years (2020). That growth factor is insane and only those who have tried out virtual reality and augmented reality will completely understand why it is growing so fast in adoption.

We are seeing brands like Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Yves-Saint Laurent, ADIDAS, and many more investing in VR as a way of strengthening their relationships with their customers. I’ve always been a believer that the best brands in the world are the best storytellers and with VR, storytelling is so immersive and so compelling.

I’m incredibly excited about all the upcoming projects from developers that are working with powerful brands.

When the PC first came out, people thought it was a toy. Well, we’re seeing the exact same revolution happening for VR and AR. Virtual reality and augmented reality will shape the way consumers buy products and change the workplace, just like the PC did.

Jaime Bueza
Co-founder, ConstructVR

ConstructVR is an enterprise VR app distribution platform that serves world-class companies including Samsung, Telstra, T-Mobile, Major League Baseball, Verizon, Tool of NA, Reel FX, ADIDAS, Maserati, and Yves Saint-Laurent.