HTC’s mobile VR headset is coming soon

I just read this morning on TechCrunch that HTC’s mobile VR headset will be coming this year. That’s incredibly exciting to hear and from reading more, it might actually be a stand-alone VR headset without the need of a phone.

I would assume that this is much more like the Intel’s Project Alloy.

Intel Project Alloy VR Headset

I always think about the ecosystems that will be built around these stand-alone VR headsets. How will people be able to install the apps they need? what accessories will work with these VR headsets? What kinds of applications are people going to use in the workplace? If it’s just as easy as putting on the headset and practicing your daily VR sales training instead of having to put a phone into a headset and selecting the VR app to use, that would be incredible.

As we see more of the stand-alone VR headsets come into the scene, it’s important for any VR developer or content producer to start optimizing their content for mobile.

Jaime Bueza
Co-founder, ConstructVR

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