Thousands of College Kids Are Powering a Clickbait Empire
Jane Porter

Sing, Muse, sing of the wrath of Founders talking out of both sides of their mouth…Reminds me of reading anti-globalism articles in the Whole Foods newsletter after they bought my local health food grocery & screwed local farmers / sourcers & somehow I now had stock options instead of locovore options.

/CogDis from theodysseyonline/about (in order of appearance)/

Why It Matters:

Odyssey gives people a voice to bring new, meaningful ideas to the world.

Odyssey is about reflecting what people really feel, not selling more media…

/but since you’re already reading this here’s our value prop/


15,000+ content creators || 1,200+ local communities || 30M+ monthly uniques

/15,000+ internships ended up being way cheaper than figuring out some Amazon Mechanical Turk sliding scale for piecework and dealing with PayPal or Quicken. The 1099’s alone…feh!/

Our Audience

Reaching Millennials (A18–34)

Reach: 21.7%

Comp: 75.6%

Index: 262

Average income: $77,610

Source: comScore Media Metrix March 2016

/We’ve got heaps of Disposable Income readers. Really — just stacks of them lying around. Make sure you put some in your Gift Bag on the way out. Someone told me you Integrated Brand folks like that demo A Ton. Otherwise modesty would have prevented their mention because, you know, we’re reflecting what people Really Feel — not Selling Stuff./

Partner With Odyssey

Build relationships with more engaged audiences who care about, trust and learn more from the content they see.

Engage the engaged.

It’s simple. If content resonates with people, they spend more time with it. Put your brand alongside it and they spend more time with you too. Readers trust Odyssey because articles and videos are created by people like them — with no agenda other than to speak their minds — and shared organically across their friend networks. It’s meaningful to them because it’s relevant to their interests. It enriches them with new, diverse opinions and ideas from around the world.

/As long as you brought up Selling Stuff…oh, I mentioned it first? Huh. Anyhoo — as long as we’re talking about shilling to the rubes I wanted to point out people really put their trust in out Editorial Sales & Marketing department…what? No, that’s a single department. Where were we? No agenda, Speaking their Minds, Organic Sharing; basically Amway meets Facebook but with, you know, empowerment. Or Engagement. I mix those up. Anyway, this is going to be cheaper than sending actual reps to campuses to churn that turnover population all the time. Plus you’ll save a ton in free t-shirts you won’t have to distribute with your credit card applications. How long a campaign should I write on this contract? No no -I’ll just fill in some stuff — did you get your Gift Bags yet?/