Looking through all the baseless ‘Hype’ at the moment, Why I’m extremely Bullish on NAV? (An Analysis of NAV’s Potential & Criticisms)

As 2017 draws to a close, entering into a new year has never been more exciting and exhilarating as 2018. These few days have seen a multitude of coins literally exploding and ‘mooning’. Coins such as Tron(TRX), Stellar Lumens(XLM), RaiBlocks(XRB) & many more. This is coupled with the hype as crypto becomes increasingly mainstream and has caught the attention of more and more people who are finally unable to ignore the massive growth opportunities and gains that this space offer.

However, not to spread FUD or discredit any coin that has gained massively over the last few weeks. I must say that I am disheartened to see coins being hyped beyond its current potential and that crypto has turned into a hype train where everyone jumps on at the sound of ‘moon’ & ‘pump’. This has led me to be aware that such hype will eventually die down and coins that have had massive runs but are without solid foundations in its technology and use cases will find that their growths will be unsustainable in the long run. Money will eventually exit the markets and look into more promising coins to hold for the long run. This is where I forsee the market turning to in the coming months.

This is why I’m looking into the markets for a coin that fills this niche and I have finally found an extremely well established coin that still has a lot of potential in terms of tech but has a long way to go in valuation. NAV.

This may sound like shilling or promoting/marketing but it’s up to the individual to decide. When I see good tech, it is hard to ignore. So let’s dive into the details on what NAV is.

What makes NAV unique? I would say that NAV’s vision of simplicity and what it wants to be in the cryptospace sets it apart from all the other coins. Over the last year with the ICO boom, corporate partnership race, under $1 coins, etc, many coins have been treated like fashion trends that are hyped for the season and once the season is over, it’s always on 50% discount. This has developed into an addiction for bombastic words and technical jargons that hardly anyone understands, yet no one cares about making things as simple and as adoptable for the masses. This is where NAV excels, Simplicity. One of the most important thing that crypto can give back to the world is to be as usable and well integrated with our current state of technology, providing the necessary features that are required for daily spending, privacy and appreciation of wealth. Decentralised.

In this short article, I will provide my opinions on why NAV will be part of the next wave of revolution in cryptocurrency for true decentralised mainstream adoption. Not banks or corporations trying to take control of crypto.

The first thing about NAV that strikes me and drew me in almost immediately is its branding. It is extremely well designed and i believe a lot of thought has been put into it. The beautiful colors and simplicity of its user interface on the NAVcoin core & the NAVpay wallet exhibit the epitome of elegance & functionality in UX. Sending, receiving and using its features are straight forward and easy to understand; something that the world & global population needs, not some fancy but complex UX with many unnecessary features.

The next big thing about NAV is that it’s not just a well designed crypto, but also a crypto with a secure optional privacy feature that allows you to mask the transactions between wallets through the NAV subchain, breaking any links between the receiver and sender. In NAVtech 2.0 (which will be implemented in the near future), NAV’s subchain tech will be designed to make every wallet a node in NAV’s privacy network, effectively decentralising privacy. However, with anything that has to do with privacy, its optional feature has come under criticism for its privacy tech. In my opinion, every coin has their strong points, some are focussed solely on privacy and have done really well but NAV’s vision is different from that of just being another privacy coin. We are more than just a privacy coin. NAV seeks to integrate itself into the daily lives of people, not a coin that wants to be hidden all the time from everyone else. Not everyone needs to live under a rock.

As cryptocurrency establishes itself in the physical world, its necessity in advancing industry, improving technology will come under scrutiny from the world around us. All its pros & cons will become ever more relevant to its success. Tech markers such as transaction speeds, scalability & energy cost will be extremely essential in the decisions when people, governments & corporations choose which coin to adopt. This gives NAV the edge as it runs on a Proof of stake (PoS) model. The tech has gradually caught on due to its low energy cost, fast transaction speeds & scalability, rivalling that of bitcoin’s crippling energy drain, choked network & small block size. At 30 second transaction times & 1120 transactions per second, NAV isn’t the fastest and most scalable but these issues are solvable in the future development of the coin. 2018 will be the year where crypto will move towards PoS as leaders in the cryptospace such as ethereum are transiting to the system real soon. NAV would be one of the early adopters in this space and would be a leader in this bright future in energy efficient blockchain systems.

With all these and the current exponential growth in NAV’s community. There is so much in store for NAV and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The passing of the recent community fund vote using NAV’s staking method, NAVpay launch & Binance listing are some of NAV’s recent events. But even with so many exciting features, why is it currently sitting at around 120 on the coin market cap?

Honestly, NAV has been slow and subpar in marketing. To rectify that, the developers have recently formed and expanded their team to include a group of marketers to push the brand forward. Their marketing roadmap will be out really soon as they come back from their well-deserved break. I am certain that it will be an exciting few weeks as we push forth into 2018. With functional & well designed products to substantiate the incoming marketing push, NAV will have a much needed boost, bringing it to great heights. Furthermore, the community has really boosted NAV’s image by producing well-informed marketing and intelligent engagement on a daily basis, not just baseless hype. All these will attract large investors that are looking for a coin that will be here for the long run without fear of getting burnt chasing hype trains.

So then, when should one invest? When people ask this question, everyone always answers with a big ‘Now!’. I would recommend that one should always monitor the market and be certain of any opportunity to buy in, making sure that you are comfortable with holding it for the long run. In the last couple of days, NAV has been in a consolidation phase while other coins have been moving up exponentially. This gives those interested a chance to move in before it starts its series of runs. When the developers come back from their break next week, NAV will be moving very fast so be on the lookout for the weekly news every wednesday. And as a teaser, NAV’s Anonymous Dapps Whitepaper is about to drop. The dev team have already finished it and are going through the final review; at the same time, they have even built a prototype to ensure the functionality of the platform. This will happen anytime and once it comes out, I believe, NAV will get a lot of more recognition that what it already has. It will be hard for the rest of the cryptospace to ignore NAV anymore.

On a final note, there are many more exciting features that NAV has to offer. We are always looking for ways to make NAV better in terms of tech & people. We are a commumity. Be sure to check out our website, join the community channels on discord and telegram. Follow us on reddit & twitter. There is so much to look forward to in NAV. There is nothing better than enjoying crypto and letting your money grow. Who wouldn’t like that? All the best for your trades. Remember to savour every minute of it, good trades come and go, so do bad ones. Crypto is going to be a huge part of the world that we live in, we are all still early adopters, pick wisely! Adios!


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