Real talk

If I had pushed back my last week at Home Depot to this week, I would have become a very livid cashier. I was at my wit’s end with the crap that management allows and the lack of respect given by a newly transferred ASM to his subordinates.

I know for a fact that my micro-aggressions would not have been able to be contained and that customers; sketchy, rude, blatantly ignorant, and even the friendly/courteous ones would feel my wrath. But, I took the higher ground and ended my tenure there.

Thankfully, I did not burn any bridges although I thought about it. Who knows if I will need a reference from them? I prefer to use professors and co-workers/bosses who actually respected the amount of work I did in other departments besides my own (translating/putting back returns) and those who reminded me that I was doing a good job as opposed to those who act like they value “customer service” over their employees.

Rant. Over.

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