Causes of Insulating oil Deterioration

Here we are writing an article to make aware our readers about causes of transformer oil deterioration. Transformer oil or insulating oil is often refers as insulating mineral oil. Transformer oil or insulating oil is oil which remains durable at high temperature. It has especially high insulating properties. If we talk about normal service life of an oil filled material, the transformer oil inside the apparatus is subjected to worsening, due to several

causes. In common service span of the material there are multiples possibilities, when due to opening of triumph or any other reason the oil comes in contact with air. The air can also be intrude in the oil due to unattended leakages in the body of the material.

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Union of atmospheric air with the oil causes undesirable oxidation feedback in the oil. These oxidation feedback are further increased due to temperature and presence of catalyst like solid copper, iron and other diffused metallic material in the oil. Temperature of oil increases due to processing of machinery and any flash or arc established in oil filled space of the devices.

As a outcome of these oxidation feedback the color of the oil convert into darker and resistivity of the insulating oil declining. At the same time acidity of the oil raises. Also the tan delta or dielectric dissipation factor rises. That means over all insulating traits of the oil declined. Degradable oil also affects the other insulating units mainly paper insulation of the material. Degradable oil reduces the normal life span of the oil immersed material and may raise the no load losses of the material.

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