Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

I am SO glad to hear that more people feel like Karma is a lying, scamming, piece of garbage company like I do. I’ve been with them for a long time from the never expires data for a reasonable cost to the then lie that I was “grandfathered in” which then two days later instructed me that I wasn’t and now had to pay double. None of their replies to my originally reasonable e-mails (now I feel that I just yell at them) was even coherant. This last one was just a lying jumble and then I read this latest FAQ release that completely changes the entire story. Now I’m do confused I seriously don’t know what to do. Probably like many, I’ll pretty quick be looking for another situation. I travel a lot and in the beginning Karma was seriously awesome. Now it just sucks big time. Hate it. Never tell anyone about it and am embarrassed that I got sucked into this huge scam.

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