214 Reflection


Coming into English 214 I thought this class was going to be pretty easy and fun because English 114 was my favorite freshman class, and I have always loved writing. But it wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be, I never really used to look at my email that often until I started this class. I missed a few assignments in the beginning because of my lack of awareness of the emails coming in by the professor.

As we started getting deeper into the class I felt as if my writing wasn’t as good as I thought it was, and that really got to me. I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong, but I realized I was getting points off and I started to read more of the teacher’s comments and it really helped me feel a bit more confident about my writing. As I started to link my thesis to my topic sentences and giving less of a summary and more of an explanation really helped me as well. I think the things I learned in this class really brought up points that I either forgot or just never really paid attention to in previous classes, and I’m glad that Professor Cox brought it back up into my life.

In the eyes of a researcher I’m glad that this class had a lot of research because it helped give me more of an idea on what a credible source is, and how I should go about finding one. It probably helped that I found a topic that I really felt for and loved learning more about, but the constant push to look for things outside of my comfort zone was very helpful in expanding my knowledge about my topic and finding more great resources for the potential future. Linking also to my growth in critical thinking as well, as I began to look more into the deeper meaning of my topic. I looked more at the ethos, pathos, and logos, and trying to explain the whole reason as to why these things are very powerful also helped me.

Overall I really think this class did a lot for my development as a writer, possibly one of the best English classes I took in terms of new/refined knowledge. I enjoyed coming to class to learn about other people’s work and also learning more about how to make my work better. Although my writing confidence was pretty bad in the beginning of this course, I’m glad to have learned so much things to make me better overall for the future.

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