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Germany has a better handle on its legacy of white supremacy than the United States and the root is not a difference in freedom of speech laws, it’s cultural.

There are no nazi monuments in Germany, no statues, no plaques, nothing. As a curious outsider and a lifelong student of history, I’m always on the lookout for any evidence I can find, but there are very little traces. It’s as if that time period in German history had been erased. But was it? of course not! Far from it, WWII hangs over this country like a national PTSD. There are so many memorials to the atrocities, so much information in museums, the events have been recorded so meticulously and thoroughly, that I have learned much more about WWII in nearly 2 years than I have in my entire life, and history was one of my majors. …

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Once upon a time, at a really elite coastal elite graduation

A few of days ago, before the floodgates opened and we were momentarily drowned by the sewer waters of the Donald Trump Jr. Russia-email tweet, the northeast corridor punditry on Twitter was talking about “sandwiches”.

Someone had messed up… and that someone was well-known columnist David Brooks. …

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The Economist front page unites brexit, Trump, Le Pen, and their purported ally Putin.

Shortly after the election of Donald Trump in the United States, and the triumph of the brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, a question loomed large: was right wing populism spreading in the developed world? if so, who was next? Three major elections that featured right wing populists were coming Europe’s way in Austria, Netherlands, and France.To the surprise of many analysts, the pro Europe establishment candidates prevailed decisively.

While many differences exist, the effect of different electoral systems matters, particularly in diffusing polarization.

Polarization, whether it is feed by migration anxiety, economic anxiety, or both, is at the heart of the breakdown of support for traditional parties and the rise of outsider populist candidates. How a political system responds to it is the fruitful question that analysts and pundits should address. …



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