Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Trial Day Five

Disclaimer: No, I am not a member of Black Lives Matter. Yes, I am Black and I believe Black lives do matter but contrary to popular belief we aren’t all born card carrying members. I tell the stories the media won’t, can’t and isn’t. Don’t make it into more than it is — and yes, it’s a damn shame I feel that I have to post this whenever I write anything related to Black Lives Matter.

The Basics

The Defendants: Evan Bunch, Luz Flores
The Crime: Attempting to Speak to Mayor Eric Garcetti
The Charges: Resisting Arrest, Battery on a Peace Officer and Trespassing
Defense Attorney: Nana Gyamfi
The Prosecutor: Deputy City Attorney Blake Armstrong
The Judge: Hon. Chet Taylor

The Deets

Court resumed Tuesday with opening statements in Department 68 in the trial of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists Luz Flores and Evan Bunch who are charged with multiple counts of resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer and trespassing. This after they were arrested last year in the process of trying to speak with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at Mt. Carmel Recreational Center in South Los Angeles on the opening night of the Summer Night Lights program. These are also the same two individuals that both the Mayor and police chief were denied a restraining order against.

Noteworthy incidents:

  • The defense declined to present their opening statement .
  • Both students, neither Ms. Flores nor Mr. Bunch were able to be in court today.
  • Due to a power outage at the courthouse, the trial was cut short today with the jurors being sent home early. That will probably add an extra day to the trial and I’m not sure yet on the additional cost to taxpaying Angelenos.

Court will resume at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Department 68 of the Metropolitan Courthouse at 1945 South Hill Street with continuing testimony from LAPD Officer Robert Canizales.

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