A guide for IBM Cloud Private 1.2.0


IBM Cloud private

IBM Cloud Private is a Kubernetes based platform that provides an integrated and private PaaS cloud platform for running on-premises enterprise workloads. The platform has three main use cases:

  • Developing and running production cloud native applications in a private cloud
  • Securely integrating and using data and services from sources external…

Binding Services Without Hassle

Move your NodeJS app from CloudFoundry to Kubernetes in Bluemix.


We will discuss 3 scenarios: Your NodeJS app is using Watson services exclusively, your app is already using the vcap_services library, and your app is not currently using the vcap_services library. This post assumes you have a basic familiarity with NodeJS, Bluemix, and Kubernetes.

UPDATE: Due to some changes to…

Jesse Antoszyk

DevOps Systems Engineer at BoxBoat Technologies. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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