• Paul McMahan

    Paul McMahan

  • Andrew Zhang

    Andrew Zhang

  • Jacopo Mangiavacchi

    Jacopo Mangiavacchi

    Microsoft Senior Data Scientist — Google Machine Learning Developer Expert (ML GDE) — Former  + IBM Senior Architect and Engineer

  • Nidulus


    We present to you the fastest and most complete microservice platform available. For the cloud and on-premise.

  • Royluis Rodrigues

    Royluis Rodrigues

  • Matthew Perrins

    Matthew Perrins

    Supporting IBMs Global System Integrators with the adoption of IBM Cloud and drive Cloud Native solutions into their clients using RedHat OpenShift, Cloud Paks

  • Alexey Roytman

    Alexey Roytman

    IBM Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) focusing on Cloud enablement.

  • Anders Enqvist

    Anders Enqvist

    Global OSS/BSS Telecom Architect

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