Capitalism vs. Socialism: More Fake News

The long standing argument between haves and have-nots is a phony dichotomy promoted by news orgs, politicians and other con artists who are only trying to up their click counts. The truth is this country is BOTH capitalist and socialist and always has been. It’s time to say so out loud!

Let me start with some of the socialism that we accept as “the way things have always been”. Water! Just about everything to do with water is done by a government body of some kind. The water supply to your house, the sewer system that takes away waste and excess rain. Dredging of rivers and harbors. Dikes that potect against flooding, dams and reservoirs. Even in Minnesota, the Land of Lakes, the lakes are not totally natural. If you look close, you will find some structure controlling the water level in just about all of them.

Then there are the roads and the ditches that drain water from them. City streets, county roads, state and federal highways, interstates and freeways, mostly built and maintained by socialism. And bridges! How could capitalism function without some way to get across rivers?

Then there is our socialistic legal system. Courts, Judges, Juries, jails and prisons, police, state troopers, federal police of all stripes enforcing the laws that congress enacts.

Fire departments are sometimes volunteer, but that doesn’t work in big cities.

Public education! Or is that mainly child care so women can go to work. They work cheaper, don’t you know.

Oh, I almost forgot, half of the discretionary federal budget goes for the military-industrial complex. That’s not what I think of as capitalism or socialism. Militarism?

Some of what’s left goes for medicare, social security, Medicare, Obamacare, medicaid and food stamps. You know, all those things the capitalists don’t like but were created so as to keep starving people from littering the streets with their bodies.

Capitalists like to think that they did it all by themselves with only the “invisible hand of the market” helping.

Truth is, capitalism survives only by riding on the back of socialism.

P.S. I keep thinking of more public works like National Parks, Forests and state parks and city parks etc. Add your own.h

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