This is a comment that I made the other day on somebody’s FB complaint about teaching of science in our schools.

“ Science to me is not a noun or an adjective, It is a VERB, an action word, something that goes on, a method, a process, It is the way mankind acquires new knowledge! It is an iterative process that has to start somewhere but never ends. It goes like so: first, observations, then Induction: (from specifics to the general). These generalizations may be hypotheses, theories, rules of thumb that are useful in predicting what may happen (Deduction: from the general to specifics) Where it gets fascinating is when further observations do not turn out as expected! That is when we have an opportunity to LEARN. More observations added to the induction process lead to modified theories and around and around we go, learning all the way. I do not subscribe to more science teachers unless they really understand the process and can inspire students to observe, induce, hypothesize, deduce, observe and get excited about discovering and SHARING new knowledge. I do NOT agree that math is a necessary part of science. Ask yourself what method you used to acquire language? Arithmetic/math has beauty and utility of it’s own, but we need teachers who are inspired and can inspire that as well.”

I might have added that math is certainly a useful tool in the pursuit of knowledge, but that would have led to another diatribe about misunderstanding the branch of math we call statistics.

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