Making the Leap Happened in a Weird Way

Anna and I had been living paycheck to paycheck and were short about $1,000 a month, plus we have some upcoming expenses we wanted to get ready for. So, we came up with a plan. We would each find a way to bring in an additional $500 a month. Anna had been engrossed in writing her craft book and was winding it up. She could now return her focus to making money on selling doll clothes patters and I had an itch to start the painting business back up.

My plan was to start doing little side jobs on the weekends while simultaneously working on my license. So, about a month ago, I sent a handful of emails to people I knew and put an ad on Craigslist. Of course, I let everyone know that I was unlicensed and could only do small jobs.

Here is how it played out. I immediately got a positive response from the emails I sent out. I was impressed. The next day, I received a call from someone saying they needed help painting a new Harbor Freight store in Cedar City. I didn’t know how I would make that work, but I felt that there was a way. Well, later that same day, I was laid off from my former employer. The amazing thing was that I received a generous severance package of one months wages! So, my weekend gig went to a full time gig almost instantaneously and the severance package was just about what was needed to make the transition. It covered the roughly $2000 required just to get licensed as well as some extra cash just to ramp up.

The state of Utah requires applicants to take a 3 day pre-license course. They offer it once a month and the class was starting the following Monday. (I was laid off on Thursday.) Wow, what amazing timing!

I would like to say something about being laid off. The business I was working for was continually shrinking. It is kind of like the hedge fund of the housing marking. It does well when the economy is tanking but struggles when the economy is doing well. Regardless of what a business is going through, it can feel a little humiliating to be laid off. However, I must say that the person that replaced me at what I was doing was indeed more qualified because she had more knowledge and experience in that realm. In addition to this, I was probably one of the higher paid people there. So, I would have probably made the same decision they did. The company I worked for was a good company. One of the best I have ever worked for. They have a good management team and I hope they can pull through this difficult time. Regardless of how humiliating it was to be laid off, it was truly a blessing to help me get this painting business going.

Well, there is my transition into business ownership story. One of the categories I have chosen on this Medium platform is “Spirituality.” As you can see, God works in mysterious ways. I believe he is at the helm and helps all of us as we put our trust in him.

In my next post, I’ll share with you something that happened yesterday that kind of stunned me. There is a bright side to it though so, stay tuned.