“El Tri”, a devotion…

Mexican fans supporting the national soccer team

“We played like never before and lost as always.” This quote sounds in my country every time the national soccer team loses in the world cup. Many people blame the media for this famous quote.

I am Juan Carlos Castillo and I live in Mexico City. I have a devoted heart for my national soccer team, like every living mexican around the world. The days in which “El Tri” (that is how we called the team) play, every city in Mexico goes static, there is no movement, all our senses are hoping triumph. Hoping for a happy day, for something to believe in because we no longer believe in our government and neither in a solution for our social, economic and political problems. That is why El Tri is our hope, and it always will.

The mexicans are very devoted in what they believe in, it doesn’t matter if they are far away from home, their beliefs will stay the same because they stick to their roots. No kidding — every time I’m out of Mexico and El Tri is playing, I would go to a bar or restaurant to watch the game, and find many more mexicans wearing “La Verde” (the green shirt of the team). And even though we are not in our country, we feel we are, because we are surrounded in that specific moment by it. The hope, the illusion and the feelings are mutual, and that is enough for feeling it.

We, the mexicans, live fore the national team. There’s no better example of an engaged community like that in Mexico. It doesn’t matter if some of us leave the country because we have different need, our hearts will always be in our roots, and when El Tri plays, every mexican around the world will feel like he or she is at home. As some say, there is no better place than home.