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Why has it become so controversial to see any kind of violence against women in stories that in no way romanticize or justify these acts?

It was really obvious that Sansa’s rape was a horrible thing to happen. But since Sansa always was a terrible character (mostly because of the actress) and I never really cared for her, I would argue that her being raped was a good thing to happen for storytelling purposes because I really felt for her in that scene and added to her arc which was basically of no importance since she mostly just existed and had people either hate her or love her because reasons.

Also for said storytelling purposes it seemed important to focus for a moment on Theon’s reaction and feelings to Sansa’s rape because their arcs got intertwined and he’s an important character too. A character whose experiences in Ramsey’s hands have been far more traumatic and horrific than those of Sansa’s. Yet no one had the same strong feelings that created this article.

Your insane, illogical and deeply faulted political correctness interferes in creators’ jobs, art and vision and that is not a good thing.