Things Dudes Have Said to Me After Sex
Catherine Cohen

Love your material! Please don’t add me to the spam/stalker filter just because I read you here (everything) and ran over to follow you on Twitter and Vimeo, subscribed to you on YouTube, bookmarked and would have gone to LinkedIn but my CONNECT button is broken (wait a minute — did ADMIN do that?!) and I don’t dare go within three typos of the url f@c3b00k.c0m (total misunderstanding, really) and what’s with the UCB website? Is it the Gateway to Jokesters or the Joke itself, because if I Search you from the Talent page I get nada and the same for Maude/Lover on the Team page (except for a link to the Maude tryouts but that takes you to that tired old storm trooper telling me to move along, nothing to see here — pfeh: how many times have I heard THAT, Victoria’s Secret night manager?) although they are all there from the main search box? Hey, did you know your page on Huffington Post has one of those promoted Suggested For You bait-and-switch ads titled Things You Don’t Know About the Olsen Twins (and really, that’s not even the right bit!) but when I went back the second time it wasn’t there or the 3rd, or the 4th, or the 5th, or the 6th, or the…whoa! There it is! Kinda like trying to hold onto a goldfish while you juggle the hot sauce, hunh?)

On the light side, I’ve worked with more voiceover talent than I can count on my fingers (and I have a LOT of fingers. Drying. Upstairs.) and I wish I had found someone like you in the roster when I was in that game. You have this effortless delivery that comes through whether on video or voice alone. And the levels of your material that make my mind hiccup (“Wait a minute — did she mean THAT…or THAT?”) add the kind of depth and re-listenability only the best standup promises. Can’t wait for Someone Who Has the Power to find you and to watch where your career goes then. As a fan, I’ll try to do my part.

Do you ever get that feeling, though: “My stuff is too smart for this room”, and you’re in your kitchen? Alone? Just wondering, random thought, nothing I’ve experienced myself. Often…