20 Confessions of a Birthright Staff Member

  1. Some of your participants may be older than you. Embrace it.
  2. Don’t tell those older ones your age.
  3. Eventually tell them your age.
  4. The “drink but don’t get drunk” philosophy is essentially out the door.
  5. Emphasize that yes, you will be hiking. Not just walking.
  6. Emphasize the difference between hiking and walking.
  7. Persuade your group to always buy the watermelon popsicle.
  8. Your participants don’t have to be religious.
  9. The hook-up culture is more relevant to a trip than Judaism is to the overall big picture/purpose of the trip.
  10. Number 9 needs editing. Judaism is a really big part of it.
  11. Number 9 could also just stay the same.
  12. Your bus is more of a home, not a bus.
  13. Leave your belongs on the bus. Including your dignity.
  14. Actually go to McDonalds in Israel. A lot better than US’ establishments
  15. Spend money on material items you will never use/wear again.
  16. Spend more money on alcohol.
  17. Become lifelong friends with your soldiers.
  18. The medic adopts Colorado culture very well. See what I did there?
  19. Even when you shower, you’re gonna start sweating 2min after so don’t even bother. It’s just 10 days.
  20. The flight could be the most miserable part. (shoutout layover groups.)