August 2016 has been Chicago’s deadliest month in 20 years

Twitter post via ABC 7 Chicago

Can you believe it?

Because I cannot.

Historically, at least since I’ve lived here, Chicago has seen a lot of violence, particularly in the Summer months & geographically a heavy presence on the South side. However, this month, August, has been the deadliest month Chicago has seen in almost 20 years, from the South side to the North side and everything in between.

It sickens me.

What are we to do moving forward?

Just the other day, a handful of 8th grade students were approached by adults with knives, forcibly asking for the kids’ phones, electronics, etc.

Being the news junkie I am, I cannot help but keep my eyes on the news all the time. Unfortunately, we’re faced with more bad than good.

In a city that is know for food, beer, architecture, great people, and superb lakefront views, there exists more violence than anywhere in the US. Let’s bring this city back to what it really is about.

Chicago, one of the greatest cities in the world.

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