Ergonomics are everything: What I am using and want to soon use

Taken from my Instagram

They really are. A solid workspace gives me a chance to not only have fun while I do my work, but to work effectively. A great workspace is essential for me to feel good about my tasks but to also manage my time better.

A good-looking space (aesthetics) also never hurt anybody, right?

I am currently looking for the latest and greatest laptop stand for my Macbook 15'’, and I found one, but the newest version is on back order and ships in October. Do I wait or do I get one in the mean time? In any case, check it out:

My Moleskine notebooks, Macbook, pens, phone, water bottle, it all has a spot on my desk and is an important part of my workspace.

It’s my dream to be a traveling/remote worker. I know it isn’t very realistic, but we’re slowly moving in the right direction.

What does your workspace look like?