If I wasn’t in Education…

I often think about what I would be doing if I had made different decisions leading up to this point in my young Millennial life.

How often do you think about this? Meaning, what would you be doing if you were not in your field of expertise? Or just, simply, your current field? I wonder what my life would look like (both professionally and personally) if I had either chosen to remain a Marketing major in college, or if I decided to pursue a different graduate degree. Heck, what would have happened if I had taken off time between undergrad and my Master’s and came across something radically different than the direction I’m headed now? I will say that education has always been in some way a frontrunner in terms of a career for me, but I do wonder a lot about the “what if?” piece.

It’s funny, because what I’d be doing if I wasn’t in education, is more or less completely different. Polar opposite I would say. This includes career as a news anchor, photojournalist, graphic designer, coffeeshop owner, or even something as simple as sales in eyewear. Even that list itself is pretty ambiguous and random.

Do you think about this? If so, what is your current field and what would be the area you’d be immersing yourself in otherwise?