No better site than a Millennial waiting to download iOS10

The new operating system is now available.

It’s almost like Christmas morning (or in my case, Hanukkah evening) happening in slow motion. Because it’s 2016 and fast downloads unfortunately still do not happen. Even when subjected to “strong” Google Starbucks wifi.

Don’t know what happened to that partnership…

Neck strained, eyes hurting, heart beating, coffee flowing, the update officially says “Downloading…” in that not-so-reassuring gray-colored font.

About 10 years ago, the only update I was looking forward to was whether or not JK Rowling really was going to produce an 8th book. Not that I have read all 7 (maybe around 5.5), but still. C’mon JK. Just kidding, you as a matter of fact, did come out with more books.

See what I did there?

I have a feeling I’ll be glancing over at my iPhone many times within the next, what seems like, eternity.

Good thing I don’t have a high volume of emails or texts coming in today. Even if I did, those people would have to wait.

Again, no better site than a Millennial downloading the latest Apple software.

Speaking of Apple, they came out with a cord that attaches to the bottom of the AirPods… Yes, you read that correctly.

Sorry to end on such a terrible, bone-chilling, and ugly note.