The answer to being successful 10 times out of 10?

This is a phenomenon/point of view I recently heard in a news piece I was watching. The story was about an Olympic Tri-Athlete who dedicated her life to training for the Olympics. She competed in Rio, and came out successful.

Toward the end of the tape piece, she mentioned something, humbly yet confident, stating,

and I paraphrase…

“as long as I know I did what I could have done, then I’m happy with the results…”

Yeah- as long as I put forth the effort that I know I could have put forth in that sporting event, or in that exam, or in that damn job search, then I have no reason to sulk in my misery.

Right? Makes sense, yeah?

I don’t really know why, but it clicked right there. Maybe it was her humble attitude toward her highly qualified skill and talent that was on display at the Olympics. Who knows.

Just do what you can and that’s that. If you’ve done that, then why are you worried? Upset? Anxious? Frustrated?

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