Welcome: The Generation of Disengaged Engagers

I was surprised in my research on Medium that I had not come across a publication that was geared toward the Millennial audience but also had a Larry David/Seinfeld-type attitude—you know, a cynical approach to communicating with people & the world.

A platform that puts the reigns in the hands of the so-called “multitaskers” themselves and gives them a chance to share what’s really going on inside that mind, myself included.

Introducing, The Millennial Mind.

Whether you are an 80s baby that refuses to subject yourself to this phenomenon (aka, most 80s babies I have come into contact with), or a late 90s baby that is like the middle child of Millennials; this publication will either give the voice you’ve been itching to have about a particular topic, or will simply be a place for you to read about how we are changing the face of communication, online engagement, and just overall culture.

What do you have to say? As a Millennial, with a Millennial Mind?