What I have learned after 5 days at 5am

I have recently begun an experiment to test out what it does for me, how my life improves (or otherwise deteriorates), and even how I manage the task at hand. Most importantly, what does this experiment do to my routine? Change it? Keep it consistent?

Beginning on Monday the 19th, I began waking up at 5am (weekday challenge) and have now made it through one full working week. It is not as terrible as one might think, it’s just the ability to stick to it whether your routine gets a bit discombobulated or stays the same.

Waking up to darkness is definitely not ideal but that is a variable that I bypass, because it is not something preventing me from following through. I have learned though, that by waking up in complete darkness, that anything and everything I lay my eyes on (screens) becomes magnified for me. In other words, I probably should not open my phone first thing in the AM after waking up at 5. It’s like the phone is yelling into the souls of my retinas.

I have also learned that by keeping my alarm (aka my phone) away from me as I wake up, has been a tremendous help. Not only am I forced to get out of bed to turn the damn alarm off, but I am then telling my body that yes, I am up for the day. I am forcing myself to physically get up, not just the metaphorical sense of getting up in the morning.

While my routine is a bit different everyday (which I prefer actually), this plan and goal has been working out great. (Disclaimer: I am a morning person, so for those of you who aren’t, this is point in the point where a look of disgust and craziness is warranted by you).

The outside is dark, however the gym is empty. The street is quiet, however my mind begins to fill with the days thoughts making it internally “loud” for me. The world (aka my little section of Chicago) is calm in that moment I have woken up.

I will continue doing this on a consistent Monday through Friday basis and report back with an update.