You’re Not Meant to Do What You Love
Brianna Wiest

A lot of truth — but …

There is a great difference between ‘what you love’ and ‘what you think you love’… What you love most certainly is something you’re good at doing, something you’ve worked at to understand and do, something you’ve used to help others.

What you think you love is most certainly something that is attractive to you — for one or more reasons. Chances are good that you’re not proficient at doing / using this item. And of course that means you’ll have to learn about, understand, and apply your time, effort, and learning to that item.

That learning period should shed light on whether you love it or not. I had a chemistry teacher in school who thought he loved dentistry. His first looking into a volunteer’s mouth in his dental school clinic was enough and he left the clinic and dental school. I’m not sure what the specific root was from there to teaching chemistry but he was a great chemistry teacher and loved it!

There are a lot of situations where people are thrust into something and find they love — when maybe they never thought they would. But whether it was this route or one selected because you thought you would love it, it is the learning and practice using that learning that led to really loving it!