The Science Of Automating And Perfecting Any Skill
Benjamin P. Hardy

Beyond Automaticity

I often write about formal education being about Effective Learning AND the development of the skills of EL. Indeed, I strongly suggest that sufficient meaningful use of those skills be included that the skills become habitual — automatically engaging when appropriate. This post by Benjamin Hardy says it more clearly and refers to it as getting ‘beyond automaticity’ and notes the rewards that come by doing so!

IF we educators are to facilitate our students’ preparation for a meaningful personal life and career (lifelong learning being a critical component), we have to help them get beyond automaticity!!!

Effectively learning the core knowledge aligned with the appropriate standards is obviously an important component of formal education. Developing the skills of communicating, problem solving, and working in teams are as well. But I have believed facilitating our students’ getting ‘BEYOND AUTOMATICITY’ is arguably the most important component of formal education — long before I was introduced to the phrase!!!

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