Please… Be misunderstood
Jonas Ellison

It’s all about Fear or Ego …

Fear — as discussed well in Jonas’ post: We are paralyzed by the fear of being misunderstood (although most would use ‘wrong’). Ego — I suggest, because we allow ourselves to believe we have the ‘perfect’ solution from which we want the rewards; or because we don’t want to have to explain it to ‘the lowly public.’

We (the one sharing and the ones receiving) lose so much… As Jonas so nicely discusses, it’s only when we share that at least some receivers will dialogue and provide feedback that will make the (never) perfect solution to improve — or find other, maybe more important applications to emerge. That improves things for the receivers of course and for many others.

But the receivers (and all of us) benefit in possibly an even greater way. I know that I’m not the only one who has been part of a conversation, watched a television program, read something, …, that provided a spark for a situation under Consideration — one that was seemingly unrelated to the source information. Two points: first, don’t waste opportunities at hand just because “it’s nothing I’m at all interested in; and, second, Consider the information received in the broadest possible way.

Bottom Line: Being misunderstood should never be a concern; AND providing feedback helps everyone!