Question the control game
Jonas Ellison

Not correct mathematically of course … But “CONTROL” is a four-letter word!!! As you note, it doesn’t work / can’t be done.

I and lots of other educators have advocated that the teacher-controlled classroom must become a student-controlled classroom. That the students engaging, making choices results in Far better Effective Learning! And it does …

But, after Considering this post, it’s sooooo… obvious why the educator resistance to student control is stronger than I at least expected. Many of the concerns expressed are good ones. For example, “How can we know that the appropriate standards are being addressed?” My answer has always been that attention to standards happens via our driving questions. And that’s how it’s done.

But here’s the fallacy of too many of these educator objections: The concerns are raised, I believe, because they don’t want to allow / promote student control! They believe /insist upon teacher control!!!!

It’s one-zero, black-white — totally teacher control or totally student control!!! I’m representing only my beliefs but believe there are many others believing this as well: What works best in terms of student Effective Learning is FACILITATED STUDENT CONTROL (FSC). Yes, we want students making most of the decisions with regard to their learning. BUT, yes, we also recognize that we educators still have an important role — mentoring, monitoring, providing feedback, …, with respect to student efforts!

Now, if we can only get our ‘teacher-control’ colleagues to understand and implement FSC … Thank you for helping turn on my light bulb! I see another Considerations blog post coming soon …