We Need Librarians More Than Ever
John Spencer

Sadly, from things I’ve read, librarians are under attack all too often. It’s the administrators that are deciding librarians are of minimal value / little need. Those administrators are assigning different responsibilities, regardless of what title that person is given.

Two other recollections: First, I read some where that young people going to prison happens at a much lower rate if there is a library in the home neighborhood; not if the young people go there, just if it exists. If there is no public library open and with materials to young people, the school library should remain open.

Second, there is the lack of reading for enjoyment among young people. I would routinely ask my university students how many books they read over the summer. The nearly unanimous answer was zero. Also, I was in charge of the first year summer reading program; it was cancelled in large part because parents were complaining about the university “making” the incoming student interrupt their summer to read a book!!!