I went to college for a degree is compute science.
Charles Lang

Thoughts on College

A few thoughts on college:

  1. College is not and should not be considered the magic path to success. There are so many other paths! Both my father and my father-in-law never went to college; both were very successful — and would almost certainly be as successful if they were starting today.
  2. College has great value IF they require what AACU (American Association of Colleges and Universities) calls a ‘Liberal Education’ — including Liberal Arts of course but all other majors as well! AND if the student accomplishes Effective Learning in their major as well as develops the skills of EL so critical to lifelong learning. Sadly, few colleges and universities facilitate EL; BUT all students at all institutions can find proponents of EL and can get EL in their major / develop EL skills if they take charge of their learning!
  3. Of course, EL learning can be accomplished without attending college! But it’s far more than ‘training’ in a chosen field — web development or what ever. All careers are going to evolve or be replaced with some similar career. That’s called progress. So, you and others with no college degree will have to have the EL skills and experience to enable the lifelong learning that will not be an option! AND you and others will need the self-learned supportive knowledge / skills (working with others, sharing conversations, using financial and leadership knowledge and skills, …) as well.

So it’s not the college degree on the resume that will lead to success, even if it does maybe unfortunately make getting a job easier. It’s the EL in the ‘Liberal Education’ format that will lead to satisfaction and success in a career. AND that can clearly be accomplished without attending college for sure. Sadly, going to college does NOT guarantee a graduate will have this and thus will be successful!