On spiritual language
Jonas Ellison

Yet another phenomenal post! I will share my two cents on the vocabulary topic. I know too many individuals (and often suspect too many churches — but I don’t have enough contact to offer an opinion) who study the Bible and associated material to ‘get the words’ so that they are religious and all that ‘accompanies’ it. And then they lead anything but spiritual lives. It’s almost as if the studying provides a ‘religion shield’ overcoming their actions.

I am very low key, never ‘broadcasting’ my beliefs, boasting of my knowledge (though I do enjoy discussions with others to learn together with them). I simply listen, read, Consider the messages received — in order to increase the understanding and thus both reach out to help others in need when I can and enhance my faith that God is with me.

We do attend church fairly regularly but I for one don’t believe that to be essential. I’ve had people tell me directly I am doomed if I don’t attend church every week!!! To me, that tells me a lot about their faith…

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