I kind of new I was not the person with the clearest mind or the clearest way of taling, but I never really realized how crucial it is to be clear about what you think.

So I looked all over the pages here and tried to find something about clarity that would help me get a clearer picture of what makes thoughts clear and of the nature of clarity. Or how to make a thought get more clear.

End of the story, there was no one who wrote about clarity when the blog post was titled clarity. They seemed to use the word more metaphorically. Well, I guess I am to write that post now. So here it goes.

Clarity and Quality depend on each other. And I think that is a useful way to approach the question of clarity. The clearer we are in thinking or in our plan or project or whatever, the more more we can actually see how good our efforts are. Moreover, the essence of quality is clarity, so the clearer we are, the better we are. As the saying goes, “Perfection is when there is nothing to take away.”. And the longer you keep that in mind, the more it becomes obvious that that is an absolute in all fields and areas.

So how do we measure clearity, to see how clear we are?

Well, that is really a subject related question.

We need to know what a perfect example in our area would be. Obviously, there is not a perfect example for everything, but there a closely realted things, or things that are in part close enough to be usefully comparable.

Now if we know what constitutes quality for our project, we are already clear about what we want to achieve.

Another way would be analyse what we until we reach a level, where what we plan or think is actionable easily. So, to take the idiomatic example of fitness, if we want to loose weight or gain muscles, we need to know what constitutes a workout and/or a diet that produces the results we are looking for. So then we don’t start something that is ineffective. We also need to be clear, why we want it.

Finding clearity

What are our reasons? And what are our reasons really?

We might want to look better for fun. Or because we go to beach a lot and it really is annoying if we look so much worse then our friends body-wise, or it’s emberrassing to flirt with the girls and always be self-conscious about it. Maybe it’s for health reasons. Now, what can we take away here and still be confident about the result? What is left, is clearly the fitting and ground-laying reason. In other words, the perfect reason. And if we know that reason clearly we can act upon it und maybe specify what we want from our workout and how much effort we will be putting in, because you can’t count on a good mood most of the times, but you can count on the level of motivation that really is there. But you need to be clear about how big that level is to adapt your efforts realistically long term.


That is what comes around when you are not clear. you go back and forth, until you become clear. But a far easier way is to think about it and research it and you start being effective far sooner.

So my method of clarity is this. See what’s there and take what you want. The result is clear. And per definition perfect. And with what’s there I mean by researching online, people or your mind, none the least. It’s really what is easiest and takes the least time. But you need to get from wanting to knowing to actually be effective. And also to be efficient.

Any comments are very welcome.

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